Love Birds & Hat

love birds wall decal
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Product Description:

This nice wall decal shows 2 birds above a flower above some flowers with hearts coming up from them. It can be easily cleaned and moved as required.

Wall decals are vinyl self-adhesive wall stickers that are removable and re-positionable, allowing you to add drama and design to your home without the fuss or mess of paint or wallpaper.

Requires a smooth, clean surface for best results.

This wall decal consists of a number of smaller decals that make up the whole design. The size below is for the length of the whole design as displayed, in this case from the top heart down to the base of the flower.

Small size approx. 40cm in length $40

Medium size approx. 70cm length $62

Large size approx. 160cm length $180

Extra large approx. 250cm length $475

*length of the longest side


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