Banksy Happy Choppers Wall Sticker

banksy happy choppers sticker

Product Description:

One of Banksy’s more famous works, this will is entitled ‘Happy choppers’,  it features a 3 helicopters in a cartoon like sky, the front one has a big pink bow on it.  The Banksy Wall Decal is available in three sizes and can be bought in alternative colours.

Small size approx. 40cm in length $35

Medium size approx. 70cm length  $50

Large size approx. 160cm length    $130

Extra large approx. 250cm length    $309

*length of the longest side

Wall decals are vinyl self-adhesive wall stickers that are removable and re-positionable, allowing you to add drama and design to your home without the fuss or mess of paint or wallpaper. These decals can be moved and repositioned over and over again.


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