9 More Cute Animals Wall Decal

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Product Description:

The second of our sets of 9 panel kids wall stickers. A fun and colourful design, this set of 9 squares with cute animals can either be put together as a set in a square or separately. Its a great decoration for young child’s room. Its easy to apply, easily cleaned and easily moved. It is available in three sizes.

Small size approx. 40cm in length $45

Medium size approx. 70cm length $75

Large size approx. 160cm length $240

Extra large approx. 250cm length $580

*this is the length of all the 9 square decals together

Wall decals are high quality, self-adhesive, vinyl wall stickers that are easily removable and can be repositioned time and time again, allowing you to add drama and design to your home without the fuss or mess of paint or wallpaper.  Adhesive wall stickers offer a clean and easy to apply alternative to traditional wall coverings.


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