What are Wall decals made from?

All of our decals are cut from premium quality, rich tone, matte finish, removable Vinyl. They will appear to be painted on the wall after application. All our wall graphics are 100% Guaranteed interior safe and removable.


What’s the difference between wall decals and wall stickers?

Nothing at all they are the same thing, some people call them one thing and others something else.


Where can I apply the wall stickers?

Our wall stickers can be applied to almost any smooth surface such as; smooth wallpaper, paint, glass, windows, metal, plastic, wood, tiles, mirrors, drywall, plaster, laptops, cars, boats, vans and all other vehicles.


Are your sticker safe for mirrors?

Yes they are; our wall stickers will adhere to mirrors and come off without causing any damage.


Will the stickers adhere to wallpaper?

Our wall stickers will adhere to wallpaper but please be mindful that our stickers are slightly transparent so may not block out the wallpaper pattern. We would suggest that you contact info@wowwalldecals.com.au to request a sample for your testing prior to ordering.


Do I need to get someone to apply them?

Our wall stickers and wallpapers are intended as D.I.Y products for people with no experience in decoration or installation. You may however need a second pair of hands to help you install wallpapers or large decals.


Is it ok to apply my wall sticker to a recently painted wall?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the fresh paint to dry completely before applying your wall sticker.


Do you print onto canvas?

We have a massive collection of wall art designs and can also print your photos on canvas. We offer both stretched canvas prints or unstretched (rolled).


Will I get instructions?

Yes you will, detailed instructions come with every product. Please follow these to ensure the correct application.  They are easy to follow with diagrams and explanations.


Why do my stickers smell?

When you receive your wall stickers you may find that they smell a little when you first open the tube. This smell is from the ink and due to the product being in an airtight container. This smell is non-toxic and will disappear completely in about 48 hours after removal from the tube.


I’ve Had Trouble With Wall Stickers Peeling Off – Do Yours Do This?

The Wall Sticker Company wall stickers do not peel up at the corners or fall off the walls like many inferior products on the market. They will stay on for years and can be applied and reapplied repeatedly.


How do I remove them without damaging my walls?

Our wall stickers are movable and 100% removable and have a strong but gentle adhesive that seems to sticks well but can be removed without damaging your walls. We have lots of customers concerned about their beautiful, new walls and whether wall stickers will damage their walls.  Rest assured, they will be totally fine!