Wow Wall Decals is part of the Blue Horizon Printing group, a number of high quality Australian websites offering great art at unbeatable prices and a name synonymous with quality wall art both in Australian and around the globe.. Based in laid back Noosa, Queensland, we like to create art that makes people happy. Besides offering the highest quality wall art for the lowest prices (for comparable quality) in Oz we also have a strong emphasis on personalised typographic art, this trend can be seen across all of our sites with 1 in 4 online personalised art orders on Australia being on one of our sites. We have being creating art for Australians for more than 6 years now.

What are Wall stickers / Wall murals / Wall decals? These 3 phrases or terms are all one and the same, they are the term we use to describe our quality, removable vinyl wall stickers, our wall stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove and transport to new walls without losing any of their stickiness. We also offer Wall dividers, these are a new concept in wall stickers, these long strips of vinyl decals are designed to run horizontally along the middle of walls and look stunning as a way to divide up a wall, often divining two colours. Our wall paper designs are sold in 1m wide rolls and come in some very cool designs that cant be found in most stores. Lastly our Art Prints are a collection of beautiful art designs that instead of being framed stick straight on the wall, they are a comparatively cheap and easy way to add a nice art design to a wall.

Why Wow Wall Decals? Wow stands for ‘Words on walls’ as we specialise in quality wall art with a strong focus on typographic art, this website is the 2nd of the Wow websites with the other site being, a unique concept in personalised art with names and words created using letters from nature and everyday objects.