9 Cute Animals Peek into Baby’s Room

Give baby’s room a fresh new look with 9 Cute Animals. This fun and colourful design is nine separate squares that can be placed together in a block or separately to peek in on your little one from different spots along the wall. This grouping is available in three different sizes, from 40cm (for the nine squares together) to 160cm.

These enchanting creatures will bring colour and life to your baby’s room – and won’t give Mom any trouble, either. They’re easy to apply, easy to clean and easy to move, if you want to try a surprise for your little one with a new look. As always, moving them won’t leave messy residue on the walls and they won’t lose their stickiness when you move them. They won’t damage your walls or peel up at the edges or fade. They’ll stay where you put them and look great for years.animals wall decals

What’s more, you can add 9 More Cute Animals to join your menagerie. The second block is also nine separate squares that can be placed together or mixed and matched with the first grouping. You can let your imagination run wild and you’ll add interest to the little one’s walls without spending too much one time and money.

You’ll love the way they look and your young one will love them, too. They’ll be friends, to greet them in the morning and say goodnight at bedtime. But what you’ll love the most is that they’re easy on your budget and easy to put up. There’s plenty to keep you busy with a baby in the house without having to spend too much time and energy on making your nursery a lovely, lively environment for baby to grow in.

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